1977-1979 Ford Versatile 500 Tractor Service Manual


Covers: 1977-1979 Ford Versatile 500 Tractor
Pages: 456
Format: PDF
Compatible with: Windows/Mac/Tablet
File size: 42mb (high speed internet recommended)
Notes: Complete professionally reproduced dealer service manual.

This service manual provides information for the proper servicing and overhaul of the 1977-1979 Ford Versatile 500 tractor and is an essential publication for all service personnel carrying out repairs and maintenance procedures. Basic Servicing, Troubleshooting, Maintenance (removal, inspection and replacement of component assemblies,) and Overhaul (disassembly, inspection, repair and replacement of sub-assemblies) are included. Please note the Cummins engine manual is sold separately.


Section 1: Servicing
(Sheet 1) Lubrication Points
(Sheet 2) Lubrication Points

Section 2: Engine Systems
2-1: Fuel System Components
2-2: Cooling System Components·
2-3: Cooling System Operation
2-4: Surge Tank Circulation
2-5: Air Intake/Exhaust System Components
2-6: Oil Filter Components
2-7: Bypass Filter Components
2-8: Cold Start Components
2-9: Cold Start Operation
2-10: Fuel Shutoff Valve
2-11: Locating Leaks in Fuel Suction Lines
2-12: Engine Cooling System Checkpoints
2-13: Exhaust Air System Checkpoints
2-14: Cold Start Checkpoints
2-15: Replacement of Fuel Hoses and Tanks
2-16: Replacement of Fuel Gauge/Sender
2-17: Removal and Installation of Surge Tank
2-18: Removal and Installation of Radiator Assembly
2-19: Radiator Disassembly
2-20: Connections of Cooling System Hoses
2-21: Replacing heater Supply and Return Hoses
2-22: Removal/Installation of Air Cleaner
2-23: Removal/Installation of Exhaust Muffler
2-24: Removal/lnstalla~ion of Bypass Oil Filter
2-25: Removal/Installation Cold Start Cylinder
2-26: Removal and Installation of Alternator
2-27: Removal and Installation of Starter Motor
2-28: Engine Hood Removal
2-29: Disconnection of Engine Systems
2-30: Engine Removal and Installation

Section 3: Drive Train
3-1: Main Drive Train Components
3-2: Transmission Power Flow Schematic
3-3: Left Sideview of 500 Transmission
3-4: Right Sideview
3-5: Gearshift Lockout Mechanism
3-6: Transmission Left Rearview with Gearshift Housing Removed
3-7: Side Cover Removed Showing Countershafts and Range Shift Assemblies
3-8: Transmission Lubrication and Cooling
3-9: Transmission Lubrication Pump
3-10: Transmission Lubrication System (Left Side)
3-11 Transmission Oil Lubrication and Clutch Control Components (Right Side)
3-12: Transmission Oil Lubricaton and Clutch Control Components (Rear View)
3-13: Reverse Idler Gear Assembly
3-14: 1st Transmission Countershaft
3-15: 2nd Transmission Countershaft
3-16: 3rd Transmission Countershaft
3-17: Output Shaft Components
3-18: Clutch Pedal Removal
3-19: Brake Pedal Removal
3-20 Gear Range and PTO Clutch Removal
3-21 PTO Clutch Control Lever Removal
3-22: Steering Wheel Removal
3-23: Transmission Brake Removal
3-24: Side Mounting Bracket Removal
3-25: PTO Clutch Driveline Disconnection
3-26: Parkbrake Cable
3-27: Transmission Fluid Removal
3-28: Hoist Hook-up
3-29: Removal of Bottom Mounting Hardware
3-30: Transmission Removal
3-31: Removal Sequence
3-32: Transmission Installation
3-33: Hoses and Tubing
3-34: Tee Fittings, Elbows, Connectors
3-35: Removal and Installation of Master and PTO Clutches
3-36: Gear and Range Shift Shaft Removal
3-37: 1st Transmission Countershaft
3-38: 3rd Transmission Countershaft
3-39: Output Shaft Components
3-40: 2nd Transmission Countershaft
3-41: Reverse Idler Gear Disassembled
3-42: Reverse Idler Gear Assembly
3-43: Output Shaft Components
3-44: 2nd Transmission Countershaft
3-45: 3rd Transmission Countershaft
3-46: 1st Transmission Countershaft
3-47: Gear and Range Shift Mechanisms
3-48: Removal and Installation of Master and PTO Clutches
3-49: PTO Clutch Aligning Tabs
3-50: Positioning of Ring Adjusting Tools
3-51: Compressing End Play Adjusting Rings
3-52: Tee Fittings, Elbows, Connectors
3-53: Hoses and Tubing
3-54: Input Shaft Extension
3-55: Master Clutch
3-56: PTO Clutch Assembly
3-57: PTO Clutch Housing
3-58: Rearview of Transmission
3-59: Master Clutch
3-60: PTO Clutch
3-61: Planetary Gear Set
3-62: Differential Carrier
3-63: Differential Operation
3-64: No-Spin Differential
3-65: No-Spin Operation
3-66: Axle Assembly Removal
3-67: Disassembly of Axle Shaft
3-68: Differential Carrier Removal
3-69: Ring Seal Removal
3-70: Planetary Gear Removal
3-71: Tooth Contact Patterns and Ring Gear and Pinion
3-72: Differential Overhaul (Differential Case)
3-73: Differential Overhaul (Pinion Gear)
3-74: Disassembly of No-Spin Differential
3-75: Disassembly of Pinion and Companion Flange
3-76: Checking Preload on Drive Pinion Bearing
3-77: No-Spin Overhaul
3-78: No-Spin Installation
3-79: Differential Conversion
3-80: Ring Seai Installation
3-81: Planetary Installation
3-82: Differential Carrier Installation
3-83: Assemblyo{Axleand Bearings
3-84: Installation of Axle Assembly
3-85: Drivelines and Steady Bearings
3-86: Driveline Disassembly and Assembly
3-87: Steady Bearing Disassembly and Assembly
3-88: Removal of PTO Dropbox
3-89: Disassembly of Dropbox
3-90: Dropbox Mounted in Press
3-91: Pressing Bearing from Input Shaft
3-92: MountingofBearingtoShaft
3-93: Assembly of Dropbox Gear Arrangement
3-94: Tapped Bearing End Cap
3-95: Partial Assembled Dropbox
3-96: Dropbox Mounted to Pivot Head Stand
3-97: Checking Output Shaft End Play
Special Tools

Section 4: Controls
4-1: Controls and Instruments
4-2: Instrument Console
4-3: Hydraulic Console
4-4: Location of Heater Line Shutoff Valve
4-5: Steering Linkage
4-6: Throttle Linkage
4-7: Clutch Linkage
4-8: Transmission Linkage
4-9: Road Brake System
4-10: Parkbrake Linkage
4-11: Hydraulic Implement Control Linkage
4-12: Flow Control Valve Linkage
4-13: Depth Control Valve Linkage
4-14: Cold Start System
4-15: Throttle Linkage (1977)
4-15: Throttle Linkage (1978-79)
4-16: Master Clutch and Transmission Brake Cable Adjustments
4-17: Transmission Brake Cable Adjustment
4-18: Transmission Brake Bellcrank
4-19: Range Selector Linkage
4-20: PTO Clutch Adjustment
4-21: Implement Control Valve Linkage:
4-22: Park brake
4-23: Road Brake Caliper
4-24: Brake Pad Replacement
4-25: Road Brake
4-26: Bleeding Brake System
4-27: Brake Caliper Removal
4-28: Brake Disc
4-29: Steering Wheel Assembly (1977)
4-30: Steering Wheel Assembly (1978-79)
4-31: Master Cylinder
4-32: Road Brake Caliper
4-33: Piston Assembly
4-34: Brake Pad Replacement

Section 5: Hydraulics
Hydraulic Systems – Component Location
Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
Steering Valve – Hydraulic Fluid Flow Diagram
Removal and Installation of Steering Control Valve
Steering Valve
Mounting of Implement Control Valve
System Pressure Check
System Pressure Relief Valve
Knock-Out Pressure Adjuster
Adjustment of Knock-Out Pressure
Hydraulic Tank
Hydraulic Fluid Filters
Radiator Grill and Latches
Cooler Core Frame and Latches
Depth Control Valve Linkage
Hose Connections, Depth Control Valve
Lift Actuators
Depth Control Valve Linkage
Spool Travel Measurement
Control Linkage Adjustments
5-20: Hydraulic Pump
5-21: Punch Marks
5-22: Steering Valve Overhaul, Preferred Procedure
5-23: Removing or Installing Needle Roller
5-24: Torsion Bar as Gauge
5-25: Pilot Ring Tool and Clamp
5-26: Steering Valve Overhaul, Alternative Procedure
5-27: Removal of Components
5-28: Rotor/Starter Clearance
5-29: Assembly Posts
5-30: Commutator Position
5-31: Shimming Measurement
5-32: Steering Actuator
5-33: Flow Control Section
5-34: Knock-out
5-35: Floating Detent Section
5-36: Power Beyond Port
5-37: Depth Control Valve Overhaul

Section 6: Electrical
6-1 Charging/Storage Circuit
6-2: Engine Starting Circuit
6-3: Automatic Engine Shutdown Circuit
6-4: Indication and Warning Circuits
6-5: Lighting Circuits
6-6: Environmental Systems Control Circuits
6-7: Radio Circuit
6-8: Component Location – Engine Compartment
6-9: Component Location – Instrument Console
6-10: Component Location – Cab Roof
6-11: Component Location – Rear Section and Battery
6-12: Replacement of Ceiling Mounted Switches
6-13: Replacement of Windshield Wiper Motor
6-14: Rear Window Wiper Assembly
6-15: Headlight Adjustment
6-16: Replacement of Panel Lamps
6-17: Radio Antenna Trimmer Location
6-18: Alternator Voltage Test
6-19: Alternator Current Test
6-20: High Resistance Test of Starter
6-21: Start Relay
6-22: Charge Relay
6-23: Transmission Oil Pressure Switch
6-24: Working Lights Relay
6-25: Environmental Systems Relay

Section 7: Environmental
7-1: Cab Pressuring System
7-2: Cab Pressurizing Air Flow
7-3: Cab Heating System
7-4: Air Conditioning System
7-5: Air Conditioner Compressor
7-6: Compressor Clutch – Section View
7-7: Receiver/Dryer – Sectional View
7-8: Expansion Valve Sectional View
7-9: Air Conditioner Operation
7-10: Control and Indicator Panel
7-11: Essential Special Tools for Servicing the Air Conditioning System
7-12: Charging Station Apparatus (Optional)
7-13: Gauge Manifold – Sectional View
7-14: Filling Dial-A-Charge eylinder
7-15: Finding Compressor Mounting Angle by Use of Angle Gauge
7-16: Oil Checking Procedure:
7-17: Testing Low Pressure Warning Circuit by Switch Removal
7-18: Checking the High Pressure Warning Circuit
7-19: Cab Heating System Hoses
7-20: Access to Heating System Component
7-21: Replacement of Heater/Evaporator Core
-7-22: Replacement of Air Conditioner Thermostat
7-23: Removal and Installation of Blower
7-24: Replacement of Blower Motor
7-25: Replacement of Expansion Valve
7-26: Position of Expansion Valve Screen
7-27: Replacement of Dryer, Condenser, Hoses and Lines
7-28: Removal of Clutch Front Plate
7-29: Removal and Installation of Compressor
7-30: Compressor Disassembly

Section 8: Structures
8-1: Frames and Drag Links
8-2: Engine Hood Assembly
8-3: Operator’s Cab
8-4: Cab Windows
8-5: Door and Window Frames
8-6: Cab Roof Structure
8-7: Battery Compartment
8-8: Operator’s Seat
8-9: Drawbar
8-10: Three-Point Hitch
8-11: Fenders and Ladders
8-12: Engine Mounts
8-13: Transmission Mounting
8-14: Cab Mounting
8-15: Center Tractor Support
8-16: Frame Pivots
8-17: Steering Actuator
8-18: Engine Hood Assembly
8-19: Engine Air Cleaner
8-20: Cab Window Replacement
8-21: Cab Soundproofing and Floormats
8-22: Operator’s Seat
8-23: Left Seat Pivot
8-24: Left Arm Rest
8-25: Operator’s Seat
8-26: Upholstered Seat Bottom
8-27: Seat Cushion Frame
8-28: Welded Seat Base
8-29: Seat Swivel and Suspension
8-30: Removal of Threaded Pin Assembly
8-31: Disassembly of Top Plate
8-32: Removal of Spring Block
8-33: Removal of Suspension from-Bottom-Plate;-;;
8-34: Removal of Torsion Bars from Bottom Plate
8-35: Disassembly of Torsion Bars
8-36: Removal and Installation of Bearing in Fork Assembly
8-37: Articulation Pivots
8-38: Cab Roof Structure


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