Ford 250C, 260C, 345D, 445D, 545D Tractor Engine, Fuel, Electrical Manual


Covers: Ford 250C, 260C, 345D, 445D, 545D Tractor Engine, Fuel, Electrical Repair (volume 1)
Pages: 210
Format: PDF
File size: 20mb
Compatible with: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Notes: Volume 1 only (Engine, Fuel, Electrical chapters)

The Ford 250C, 260C, 345D, 445D, 545D Tractor Service Manual (Volume 1) provides information for the correct engine, fuel and electrical servicing and overhaul of the tractor and is an essential publication for all mechanics carrying out repairs or maintenance. In the tractor service manual you will find step-by-step instructions, specifications and detailed illustrations. View the service manual on your computers/tablet or print off pages as needed.

Note: This manual covers Engine, Fuel System and Electrical System only

Engine Systems
3-Cylinder Diesel Engine
Description and operation
Cooling System
Specifications and Special Tools

Fuel Systems
General Information
Adjustments DPA distributor type fuel injection pump
Fuel tank, filters and fuel lines overhaul
Fuel Injection Pump
Description and operation
DPA fuel injection pump
European test conditions
Identification plate explanation
Testing and calibration
Air Cleaners
Dry type air cleaner – description and operation
Dry type air cleaner canister – overhaul
Diesel engines
DPA distributor type fuel injection pumps
Fuel injectors

Electrical System
Wiring, Lights, Switches and Instrumentation
Description and operation
Maintenance and tests
Starting System
Alternator and Regulator
Service precautions, preliminary checks, initial tests and alternator components tests
Troubleshooting, Specifications, Special Tools and Wiring Diagrams

Ford D Series TLB Repair Manual Sample


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