Ford 830, 1130 Riding Mower Repair Manual


Covers: Ford 830, 1130 Riding Mower (Models Produced After March 1, 1981)
Pages: 28
Format: PDF
Compatible with: Windows/Mac/Tablet
File size: 7mb
Notes: Professionally reproduced OEM 830, 1130 Riding Mower repair manual

Contents of the Ford 830, 1130 Riding Mower Repair Manual:

Torque Values
Maintenance Chart
Lubrication Chart
Wiring Diagram
Troubleshooting Battery Charging System
Troubleshooting Engine Cranking System
Troubleshooting Interlock System
Battery Test
Alternator/Diode Test
Diode Test
Charging Coil Lead Test
Key Switch Test
Solenoid Test
Interlock System
Cutter Deck Cover Switch Test
Engine Magneto Test
Interlock Module Test
Neutral Start Switch Test
Cutter Belt Removal/Replacement
Cutter Deck Removal/Replacement
Cutter Deck Inspection/Repair
Frame, Steering, Treadle Inspection/Repair
Front Axle Removal/Replacement
Steering Shaft, Lift Handle Removal Replacement
Steering Sector, Ball Bushing Removal/Replacement
Hex Shaft, Drive Wheel Removal/Replacement
Hex Shaft, Drive Wheel Inspection/Repair
Gear Reducer Removal/Replacement
Gear Reducer Inspection/Repair
Differential Tube Assembly Removal/Replacement
Differential Tube Assembly Inspection/Repair
Drive Disc and Pulley Removal/Replacement
Drive Disc and Pulley Inspection/Repair
Differential Sprocket Alignment
Drive Chain Tension Adjustment
Drive Wheel Clearance Adjustment

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