Ford Commander 6000 Tractor Shop Manual


Covers: Ford 6000 Tractors (Gas and Diesel)
Pages: 336
Format: PDF
Compatible with: Windows/Mac/Tablet
File size: 62mb
Notes: Complete shop service manual at over 300 pages. Professionally reproduced – not a poorly scanned copy.

This OEM shop manual provides detailed information for the proper servicing of the Ford 6000 Tractor. The chapters contain such information as general operating principles, detailed inspection and repair procedures, and full specifics regarding troubleshooting, specifications, and special tools. Whenever possible, the special tools are illustrated performing their specific operations.


Engine Removal and Installation
Cylinder Head and Valves
Oil Pan, Oil Pump, and Oil Filter
Connecting Rods, Bearings, Pistons, Piston Rings, and Cylinder Block
Main Bearings, Flywheel, and Crankshaft
Engine Governor and Timing Gear Cover
Camshaft and Timing Gear
Engine Tune Up
Trouble Shooting

Electrical System

Generator and Charging Circuit
Starting Motor and Starting Circuit – Gasoline
Starting Motor and Starting Circuit – Diesel
Lamps and Lighting Circuit
Manifold Heaters, Relay, and Electrical Circuit – Diesel
Trouble Shooting
Special Tools

Diesel Fuel and Exhaust System

Air Cleaner
Fuel Tank
Bleeding the Fuel System
Adjusting Inching Control Mechanism
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injectors
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Supply Pump
Manifold, Muffler, and Outlet Pipe
Trouble Shooting
Special Tools

Gasoline Fuel and Exhaust System

Air Cleaner
Adjusting the Inching Control Mechanism
Manifold, Muffler, and Outlet Pipe
Trouble Shooting
Special Tools

Cooling System

Cooling System Maintenance
Radiator, Hoses, and Pressure Cap
Fan Belt, Generator Belt, Fan, and Fan Pulley
Water Pump
Trouble Shooting


Description and Operation
Maintenance and Adjustments
Trouble Shooting
Servicing the Transmission

Power Take-Off (PTO)

Construction and Operation
Power Take-Off Assembly – Overhaul
Torque Specifications
Special Tools

Rear Axle and Brakes

Description and Operation
Rear Axle and Brake Assembly Overhaul
Differential and Pinion Overhaul
Center Housing Replacement
Special Tools

Power Steering

Construction and Operation
Steering Linkage Assembly
Pump Assembly
Control Valve Assembly
Steering Gear Assembly
Steering Motor Assembly
Special Tools

Front Axle

Front Axle Options
Servicing the Wide Adjustable Front Axle
Trouble Shooting

Wheels and Tires

Wheel Bearings
Wheel Spacing
Dual Rear Wheels
Tractor Weighting
Torque Chart

Hydraulic System

Accumulator Hydraulic System Operating Principles
Hydraulic System Adjustments
Preparing Tractor for Hydraulic Service
Reservoir, Filter, and Filter Manifold
Hydraulic Pump Assembly
Unload Valve
Accumulator Assembly
Brake Control Valve Assembly
Hydraulic Lift Assembly
Remote Control Valve Assembly
Special Tools

Ford 6000 tractor shop manual sample


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